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Hello Wolrd, my price :
USA|CA= 4$
AU|UK = 6$
France = 12$
Denmark = 12$
Italya = 12$
Spain = 12$
Japan = 15$
China = 15$
Fullz USA|CA = 30$
Fullz UK = 40$
Fullz DE = 50$
The presence of vbv cc please call contacts!
Make a selection according to the following criteria:
BIN, zip, city, billing address.
Before contacting me, carefully read the rules:
1. Ne is responsible for the passability of cards when paying
2. Change cards only if the card is NOT INVALID.
3. The card is not checked before selling
4. Only bitcoin and Perfect Money are accepted for payment
5. Replacement of the invalid not later than 60 minutes from the date of sale. If I’m not, throw OFFLINE
6. No knowledge of the rules exempts from liability
Contact for communication:
JABBER: jumboz@exploit.im
ICQ: 713029852
Telegram: @jumbozz
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cvv site list


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